Gojek Clone With On Demand Services

Enterpreneurs will always choose gojek product to make their products live. We will provide support for Food, Doctor, Delivery, Fitness, Taxi app, Yoga, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters,Home Cleaners, Painters, Spaw,Groceries, Riders,Book taxi apps with available resources.You need any bridal makeup so that you can book beauticians live and make it online.Taxi Driver apps can also used for Good Delivery and can participate in online

Online Video Consultation Bid for Services
On-Demand Services

This product will make the user to order online and to book services.
Based on your budget you can choose the persons by using reviews.Booking Beatician with available time and can write reviews

  • Beauty Service App Beautician On Demand
  • Car Wash App Car Wash On Demand
  • Photographer Photographer On Demand
  • Tow Truck App Tow Truck On Demand
  • Babysitting App Baby Sitting On Demand
  • Maids App Maids On Demand
  • Security Guard App Security Guard On Demand
  • Barber App Barber On Demand
  • Doctor App Doctor On Demand
  • Nurse App Nurse On Demand
  • Catering App Catering On Demand
  • Office Cleaning App Office Cleaning
  • Party Cleaning App Party Cleaning
  • Language Tutor Language Tutor On Demand
  • AC Repair AC Repair On Demand
  • Language Tutor You can add more Services from Back End in this section where User is charged based on Hourly Rates or Fixed Costs.

Go Live in 1-2 Weeks

We weill deliver apps within one to two weeks,with full efficiency and flexibility .We can give full maintence support for local and global clients where we can make sure the product launched live succesfully with much efficiency. We would like to recommened our other apps to go live

Customized White-labeled App Includes

gojek clone app
  • 1
    Uber like Taxi, Rental & Car Pool Uber like Taxi, Rental & Car Pool

    Lets user Book Taxi Rides like they do in Uber Taxi App. Also has Pool & Rental Option.

    Taxi's can also be booked by Users through iOS Apps, Android Apps, Website and iWatch.

  • 2
    Online Video Consultation Book Video Call with Doctors, Tutor, Lawyer, etc

    Users can book Video Call and consult with experts like Doctors, Tutors, Advocates, Yoga Trainer, etc

    Video Calls can be made via iOS Apps and Android Apps.

  • 3
    Service Bid Get Bids from Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, etc

    Users can Post Job Detail in Handyman's Categories and allow them to bid for Tasks.

    Post and Bid feature available on iOS Apps and Android Apps.

  • 4
    service on demand Book Services like Beautician, Tow Truck, Car Wash, etc

    Let Customers book different On-Demand Services like Beautician On Demand, Tow Truck, Massage Therapist, Baby Sitter, Car Washer, etc.

    Services can be booked by Users through iOS & Android Apps.

  • 5
    X to Y location Deliver Anything, Anywhere - X to Y

    Let your customers get their stuff delivered from one to another location. This is just like Uber Taxi where things get delivered.

    Deliveries can be booked by Users through iOS Apps, Android Apps and Website.

  • 6
    delivery services Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery, etc

    Let customers Order Food, Grocery, Pharmacy, Wine, etc from Stores & Restaurants from their nearby areas.

    Items can be ordered by customers through iOS Apps, Android Apps and Website.

  • 7
    Delivery Genie & Runner Hire Personal Shopper or get Errand Jobs done

    Delivery Genie - Get any Item purchased from nearby Store / Shop / Mall as per your order/instructions and get it delivered to your door steps.

    Delivery Runner - Get anything / any item / stuff picked up / dropped or delivered as you want in your nearby areas.

Gojek Clone Package

Below is the list of Mobile Apps, Web Panels and Apps that gets Delivered to you when you purchase product from us.

user app User Apps
  • iOS App for User
  • Android App for User
  • Web Panel for User
  • iOS App for Taxi Booking
  • Android App for Taxi Booking
service provider apps Driver/Service Provider Apps
  • iOS App for Driver/Service Provider
  • Android App for Driver/Service Provider
  • Web Panel for Driver/Service Provider
store apps Store Apps
  • iOS App for Store
  • Android App for Store
  • Web Panel for Store
  • Android App for Food Ordering
website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel
  • Main Website
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing-Accounts Panel
  • Admin Panel
supporting panels Supporting Panels
  • Corporate Organization Panel
  • Hotel-Tourist Taxi Booking Panel
  • Service Provider Company Owner Panel
  • User Web Based Panel

Gojek Operations will become much easy

Gojek application will support more than 100+ live customers

We will give full live tracking and make your gojek application to go online.

A Smart Move For Smarter Returns

An end-to-end taxi app development solution for businesses and taxi startups
with some key advantages

White Label & Customizable

Fully white label gojek management software solution with your business logo and branding plus option for custom features and integrations.

Pre-Built Solution

A ready to deploy base gojek-hailing solution for a faster time to market, saving valuable time and money.

On-Premise Deployment

Our solution is deployed on your private servers to provide full control over the valuable user data generated.

Domain Expertise

Leverage our expertise in on-demand gojek app development domain from successfully shipping 20+ gojek solutions till date.

Global Solution

Multi-language and multi-currency support ensures that the gojek solution can work in many countries across the globe.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Out of the box support for popular payment gateways and easy addition of new ones as per the business needs.

Intuitive User Experience

Thoughtfully designed app and web interfaces to offer an amazing user experience to all the stakeholders.

Robust and Scalable

Cutting-edge tech to support 50000 rides/day in the base solution with option to upgrade capacity as per the needs.

End-to-End Support

End-to-End Support by our gojek app developers team to ensure seamless deployment and launch.

Technology Stack

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